/EINPresswire.com/Before you make a purchase for a car, it’s wise to understand the trends of the automotive market in the United States. Car costs have risen significantly over the past few decades, although there is a growing preference hybrid as well as smaller and more fuel-efficient automobiles amongst consumers.

Due to the crisis of 2008 and 2009, consumers can still find great deals on cars both second hand and brand new. Car manufacturers will still continue to sell some of their unsold inventory and make some profit which they lost in those years. They are also trying to attract more consumers through various rebates and incentives.

The cost of brand new cars is also significantly more than the purchase of a used car, which is why more people are turning to buying second hand cars. More people are looking at more affordable car options, and dealers are continuing to reduce second hand car prices. Consumers who go for the used car option can bring in as much as over 30% in savings compared to the purchase of a brand new car.

Leasing has also had an impact on the sales of used cars, and this trend has brought about an increase on more newer used cars. A car is only about two to three years old on a lease. Consumers know that the purchase of previously-leased cars in a way to get a great deal that can’t be beat by the new models.

Another trend with the car market in the United States is that consumers feel more secure when they make used car purchases. There are more certification programs created by dealers which help customers feel more confident about their purchases. Dealer warranty plays a big role in this trend, as it offers customers peace of mind when purchasing cars.

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