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Mibolerone, or Cheque Drops is an FDA approved drug for use in the prevention of “heat” in adult female dogs. This process is also known as estrous suppression. There is currently a Mibolerone Shortage in the United States. Mibolerone is an androgenic steroid which opposes the effects of estrogens and other hormones which cause ovulation and subsequent production of progesterone. Mibolerone acts by blocking the release of lutenizing hormone (LH) from the anterior pituitary via a negative feedback mechanism. With the lack of LH, follicles will develop to a certain point, but will not mature and hence no ovulation or corpus luteum development occurs. The net result is suppression of the estrous cycle if the drug is given prior to the onset of proestrus. After the discontinuation of the drug, the next estrous may occur within 7-200 days.

Mibolerone drops are indicated for estrous (heat) prevention in adult female dogs not intended primarily for breeding purposes. The medication is dosed by weight and treatment must begin at least 30 days prior to proestrus:

Adult Female Dogs Weighing:

0.5-11kg: 0.3mL by mouth per day

12-22kg: 0.6mL by mouth per day

23-24kg: 1.2mL by mouth per day

>45kg: 1.8mL by mouth per day

Currently in the U.S. market, Mibolerone is only available at one pharmacy, and that pharmacy is Premier Pharmacy Labs. Premier Pharmacy Labs is the only one of the select few PCAB accredited pharmacies which has the ingredients to compound this medication. They are a reliable source and have enough stock to take care of pet owners needs. Their PCAB accreditation ensures pet owners that they will receive a top notch product that has met the highest compounding standards. They have a commitment to quality, pet safety, and customer satisfaction which sets them apart from the rest. Premier Pharmacy Labs has been providing compounded medications for over 30 years. The pharmacy offers more than just high quality sterile and non sterile compounding pharmacy services that exceed industry standards, but excellent customer service and timely delivery as well. Their knowledgeable and experienced pharmacists work closely with both pet owners and veterinarians to provide custom, pet specific dosages and forms of administration. They have state of the art facilities and are ready to handle your pet’s specific needs.

If you are currently afflicted by the Mibolerone shortage, and need access to this drug then contact Premier Pharmacy Labs today.

Premier Pharmacy Labs

8269 Commercial Way

Weeki Wachee, Fl 34613


Toll free-800-752-7139



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