provides home buyers and sellers the opportunity to have their local Realtors and Lending professionals compete for their business

/ is proud to announce the beta launch of their new real estate search site! Unlike some of the other sites on the real estate landscape, the site creates two distinct experiences, one for home buyers and sellers and one for real estate agents and loan officers. The site marries the two experiences together in a robust, interactive platform.

“The process of buying or selling a home is a very personal experience; however, the current online real estate landscape only offered one-way user experience options,” states Isaac Sandoval, CEO and Co-Founder ( “It’s this two-way online interactive experience that makes so unique and sets it apart from any other real estate search site on the market today.”

The RealtyPitch platform allows real estate agents and mortgage loan officers to create videos with personalized messages for consumers who are in the process of buying or selling a home. Through these videos, consumers can create a connection and start a relationship with a new agent or loan officer before they even step foot into an office.

“The concept of the RealtyPitch is very simple,” says CPO and Co-Founder, Rebecca Scott ( “ is for real estate what is for online dating. The RealtyPitch environment lets consumers select agents and loan officers that best match their own personalities and establish relationships with them before they ever meet in person.”

The site offers a robust suite of tools for consumers, like home tour video notes, appointment management and instant messaging. Along with a library full of rich content and tips and a catalog of agents and loan officers from across the nation, truly arms home buyers and sellers with the tools they need for an optimal real estate experience.

“With two separate tracks, one for consumers and one for professional agents and loan officers, the platform is able to empower consumers with the knowledge and tools they need to have the most successful real estate experience, while still creating a powerful marketing opportunity for agents and loan officers to connect with potential buyers and sellers in a very personal manner,” says Isaac Sandoval, CEO and Co-Founder (

Offering an online real estate experience like no other, the has just launched in a beta, invitation only mode. The beta launch gives agents, loan officers and investors an amazing sneak peek into the platform and creates a more real-life usability testing experience for the RealtyPitch Team.

“The beta launch gives invited agents and loan officers an opportunity to test the site and provide feedback before the public launch. In this way, the site can be further enhanced and molded into an even stronger marketing resource for real estate agents and loan officers before it officially hits the market,” says Rebecca Scott, CPO and Co-Founder (

Details about the invitation only beta launch and the current investment opportunity can be found on’s AngelList page.

“The Team invites all interested agents, loan officers and investors to connect with us on AngelList in order to receive an initiation to the beta launch. The Team feels strongly that the input and feedback provided during this period will help to make the platform even stronger and a better overall experience for both consumers and real estate professions,” says Isaac Sandoval, CEO and Co-Founder of (

Both the site and the mobile app are scheduled for a public launch in Q1 2013. Stay connected with on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter to receive updates on all the exciting upcoming events.

About, founded in 2012 by co-founders Isaac Sandoval and Rebecca Scott, is based on the core principle of creating an environment that is solely dedicated to making the home buying and selling process easier and more reliable for both consumers and real estate professionals. is rich in content and tools that make the home buying, selling and research process easier for consumers. The unique format allows real estate agents and loan officers the opportunity to connect with potential home buyers and sellers in a more personal manner. View the explanation video to find out more about!

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