Pacific Prime is pleased to be able to offer clients in Dubai a range of new policies as health insurers expand in the UAE.

/ Pacific Prime is pleased to be able to offer clients in Dubai a range of new policies as international health insurers expand in the UAE. Bupa and InterGlobal will now join Allianz in offering ‘Full Medical Underwriting’ for pre-existing conditions including, most significantly for the region, asthma.

Asthma, and other respiratory conditions, are increasing in instances in the UAE mainly due to high levels of airborne dust and an over reliance on air conditioning. It is estimated that 13% of the UAE suffers from asthma, with this figure increasing during the summer sandstorm season by 15%. However, now Pacific Prime clients living in, or moving to Dubai will be able to receive coverage if they suffer from respiratory ailments.

Despite having relatively even levels of air pollution compared to Europe, Dubai suffers from large amounts of PM10 in the air. PM10 refers to the measure of small hazardous particles that, when inhaled, become lodged in the lungs and can trigger respiratory problems. This risk of developing breathing issues increases in environments such as Dubai where there are regularly high levels of sand in the air.

Breathing problems can be aggravated by factors indoors as well. Poorly maintained air conditioners in schools are cited as one of the reasons for Dubai having one of the world’s highest percentages of child asthma sufferers (25%). Taking this into consideration, and the increasingly expensive price of medical care in Dubai, Pacific Prime believe that these insurers are making very positive moves.

Pre-existing conditions covered are not limited to asthma and coverage will also be extended to Pacific Prime clients suffering from conditions such as high cholesterol. However, analysts do predict premium costs to increase by 5-25% depending on the severity of the condition. Despite this, Bupa, InterGlobal and Allianz are now in a prime position to capture increased market share in the UAE region.

Pacific Prime is pleased with these latest developments and believes they will help to appease customers, especially those with pre-existing medical conditions, when seeking new health insurance policies in the move to the UAE.

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