/EINPresswire.com/ UK (submitpressrelease123.com – press release) The new LaCie CloudBox is the ideal option for those that want to be able to share all of their pictures, movies, music and other media with friends and family.

The 1TB LaCie NAS (Network Attached Storage) device makes sharing your family photos and other multimedia products much easier, so everyone in the house can access them. The CloudBox can also be accessed on the go, whether you’re connecting through a stationary Mac or PC or a smartphone or tablet.

The CloudBox from LaCie is incredibly easy to install, requiring just one plug to get it set up. It features a design by Neil Poulton and will ensure that your files are kept completely safe and secure. If you live in a household with multiple computers, this product would be ideal for you as it comes with two folder options – the Family Folder and Private Folders. You can organise your files as you see fit, creating multiple folders within these two and sharing them via the cloud.

You can send friends that aren’t directly connected to your CloudBox secure download links to allow them access to particular files or folders, which can be much easier than emailing or uploading files onto the web. The CloudBox also comes with applications for your desktop PC or Mac and your smartphone or tablet, so you can have access no matter where you are.

As long as you have internet access you can download files when on the move, and both Android and Apple iOS users will be able to make use of the CloudBox apps.

The CloudBox is connected by an Ethernet cable and has a 1GHz processor and 256MB RAM. It’s compatible with a number of devices, including Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, network-connected TVs, PCs and Macs, tablets, smartphones and more. Up to 10 users can be added to the device and each can have their own username, password and private folder. Files can be uploaded and downloaded from the CloudBox by torrent, FTP and HTTP, and users can back up their laptop, PC or Mac to protect their files from malfunctions that could result in the loss of their data.

Caroline Hodgson at BT Shop said: “The LaCie 1TB CloudBox is one of our favourite NAS devices at the moment, especially as it’s also eco-friendly, having fanless and energy-saving programmes. It’s perfect for households that want to be able to share files easily t enable them to do away with the need for USB pen drives and other sharing devices.”

The LaCie Cloudbox can be bought for just £99.99, or check out the other external hard drives from BT Shop.


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