/EINPresswire.com/ It is amazing how our Bible experts have mostly missed the true message of the Bible.

The fundamental question that each person has to answer correctly is: ‘Who am I?’

God has clearly told us the answer to this most essential question, ‘Who am I?’

First, God is saying that He is Wisdom. He is Pure. As opposed to God having wisdom or God knowing wisdom.

God is also telling us that He has made man in God’s Own Image. Which means that man too in his pure form is wisdom as opposed to man having wisdom or knowing wisdom.

Jesus has repeated again and again, in fact 83 times, that He is the ‘son of man’. Jesus represents what is humanly possible. Jesus is telling us that we too can be like Jesus; pure and wise.

The question is how can man become wise/wisdom?

Note: it is about becoming wise, not having wisdom or knowing wisdom. The reason that our current wisdom education is a failure is because we make no attempt to becoming wisdom as we try to teach wisdom like we teach math and science. All that the current wisdom education does is make the student knowledgeable about wisdom. So man ends up having the knowledge of wisdom instead of becoming wisdom. Which means man with current wisdom education remains unwise while having the knowledge of wisdom. It is the same as man having the knowledge of what it means to be a millionaire while remaining poor; rather than becoming rich and being a millionaire.

It is very clear from the message of the Bible that man needs to be made into his pure self. As the pure self is effortlessly and innately not just wise; the pure self is wisdom. Pure man is exactly the way God made the original man and so wisdom education is about making man physically pure. In science terms it is about making the brain pure, which will project the pure self. A pure brain is an emotional baggage free brain. Thus wisdom education is brain therapy that cleans the brain of all emotional baggage.

So each person must be able to say, ‘I am my pure self, I am wisdom; just as God and Jesus have commanded and shown me to be.’

As prevention is better than a cure we must enable all parents to insure that they provide the wisdom upbringing to make each child into a pure being.

Teachers must be trained to detect emotional baggage from early on and be trained to be able to remove the emotional baggage from the children’s brains.

Those older with impure brains must be subjected to brain/self-image therapy. Jesus was an expert of casting out evil from those who were afflicted. Evil in science terms is the emotionally challenged brain that produces emotionally challenged behavior, which is evil behavior. So in science terms Jesus is telling us to clean the brain of its emotional baggage.

Our society continues to produce emotionally challenged brains and minds on a massive scale. We need to wake up to how America brings up our children. We provide a defective upbringing as parents that results in emotionally challenged brains on such a massive scale.

The defect lies in us parents who integrate the belief of the child being the best. We create a phony over confidence in the child that results in distorting the child’s capacity to interpret his own reality and that of the world in an emotionally healthy manner. We create trophy self images in our children. The trophy self image is well set by the time the child enters school. In the majority of cases the child stays within the school system for the next decade. Not only do we ignore and remain unaware that the child has an emotionally challenged brain we brand the child as a failure due to no fault of his own.

We parents and teachers create emotionally challenged self images. When the child enters school we ignore the child’s phony overconfident or under confident self image. We simply focus on how well the child is learning his lessons. We punish those who fail and reward those who pass. The ones who fail are the ones who need our healthy emotional schooling even more. We make it worse by providing them with an unhealthy schooling as we brand them as failures. We scare/scar their emotional health for life.

We have to wake up to the fact that we must focus on creating healthy self images across the board. We should actually look for emotionally unhealthy self images that enter the classroom as infants. We must take steps to uncondition the brains of all over confident and under confident self images. We have to create a subject that teaches self image education. We have to create teachers who are self image therapists. These teachers will be trained to detect phony self images; who then take the steps to create super healthy self images.

We must ensure that emotional baggage is not integrated into the brain by parents, the school system or by society. We must create super emotionally intelligent brains. The tools for super healthy emotional schooling are already there; all that is needed is the will on part of you leaders to take action guided by the real message of the Bible.



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