/EINPresswire.com/ The Luxury Rarotonga accommodation resort “Muri Beach Club Hotel” is celebrating the re-launch of their brand new restaurant “Silver Sands” which offers its patrons a variety of delicious Polynesian Cuisine menus.

The Muri Beach Club Hotel is a premier Rarotonga accommodation resort.

The highly acclaimed Muri Beach Club Hotel recently celebrated the re-launch of their brand new restaurant “SilverSands”. The Rarotonga accommodation resort proudly offers its’ patrons a Polynesian Cuisine menu which is the end product of many months of research into the delicious and unusual traditional dishes prepared by different island – dwelling nations within the South Pacific Region.

“The SilverSand’s menu is more than simply a menu. It is a labour of love – intended to showcase our love of the fertile soil, the bountiful sea and the beautiful Pacific Island people, with their multicultural backgrounds and ever optimistic, generous spirit,” says Liana Scott, General Manager of Muri Beach Club Hotel in the Cook Islands. After many requests from their international guests for authentic Polynesian cuisine and a successful 6 week trial of the various dishes that had painstakingly been researched for the new restaurant concept by the Rarotonga hotels management team, the ‘big plunge’ was taken by opening the new SilverSands restaurant, with its’ Polynesian Cuisine menu entitled – ‘A taste of Polynesia…..’

“The strength of the Polynesian Cuisine is in its’ relatively sustainable simplicity, whilst continuing to remain adventurous and wholesome,” says Liana. “The use of ‘whole’, raw, unprocessed and organic ingredients provides for optimal nutritional benefit,” she adds. In response to many of the Rarotonga Hotel’s more ‘holistic thinking’ patrons, the Muri Beach Club Hotel will be actively using SilverSands as an avenue to promote the [almost endless] range of power-packed local ingredients that are known to stimulate the body’s immune and regenerative systems. Where possible, dishes have been ‘slow-cooked’ and ‘rested’ to retain maximum food value as well as quality of product.

The rarotongan beach resort chefs and restaurant / bar staff [themselves representative of the many different Pacific Island cultures] have thoroughly enjoyed working collaboratively to create the main menu features, and continue to proudly contribute to the ever-changing daily ‘Specials’ which originate from their traditional kitchens.

In line with the new restaurant concept and menu, the Hotel will be enhancing its already prime location with a re-developed expanded outside dining area facing the Muri Beach Lagoon. This provides for an excellent function/entertainment area – very popular with Weddings making Muri Beach Club Hotel a first choice for Rarotonga accommodation.

Additional to the new a la carte ‘A taste of Polynesia…..’ menu on Mon, Tues, Thurs and Sat nights, the SilverSands restaurant will be promoting 3 special theme -cuisine nights with live entertainment at the luxury Rarotonga accommodation resort…

* Sunday – ‘Big Beach Barbeque Night’, with a range of steaks, fresh fish, and chicken being grilled to order by the chef, accompanied by crispy fresh salads and tempting desserts.

* Fridays – ‘Pig and Prawn Night’, with platters to order of succulent marinated / roasted spare ribs and whole king prawns [prepared 4 ways].

* Wednesdays – ‘ Polynesian Seafood Buffet Night’, with an impressive range of hot and cold mains dishes, as well as irresistible desserts, from the Pacific Region.

Start planning your next vacation with the Muri Beach Club Hotel… the ultimate in rarotongan beach resort hotels & accommodations… The Cook Island accommodation premier resort.

About Muri Beach Club Hotel

Rarotonga Accommodation… Muri Beach Club Hotel’s unequalled resort location puts guests right at the heart of one of Rarotonga’s most outstanding natural features — Muri beach Lagoon which is renowned for outstanding swimming and snorkeling.

Muri Beach Club Hotel is a child free resort for adults 18 years and over.

Featuring 30 modern designed rooms with air conditioning, satellite TV, private balcony, room service, mini bar, tea/coffee facilities and so much more…

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