/EINPresswire.com/ It’s My Chance, a new and exciting company offering players skill-based games with real prizes, has today announced a giveaway for a new Kindle Fire HD.

OXFORD, CT – It’s My Chance, a revolutionary concept in online skill-based gaming, has today unveiled a new giveaway program. Visitors to the site will receive tickets to play to win a free Kindle Fire HD 8.9-inch tablet. The Kindle Fire HD has swept the world, rapidly becoming one of the most popular tablet/e-readers on the market through powerful performance, lush graphics and built-in Amazon capabilities.

It’s My Chance is giving away free tickets to play to win a Kindle Fire HD 8.9-inch tablet – visitors gain unlimited chances to enter, play and win. The contest runs from now through April 30, 2013.

According to Joseph Bonavita, founder and CEO of It’s My Chance, LLC, “We’re really excited to be offering this chance for someone to win a brand new Kindle Fire for free. It’s great to watch the competition and the different strategies people employ. We did this with an iPod in January, and it turned out that the person who won couldn’t afford to purchase one, so that really made us happy. It was one of the principles of creating the site – provide a place for people to win prizes that they normally wouldn’t be able to purchase.”

It’s My Chance is a new concept in the world of online gaming and selling. While it has similarities to Internet gambling, it’s not the same. Nor is it an auction site. It’s something unique, dreamed up and brought into reality by Joseph Bonavita. The site was created in order to offer users several things, including 1) fun, 2) a chance to win real, valuable prizes and 3) skill-based games that don’t rely on blind luck.

However, there are other purposes to It’s My Chance, as well. While games and valuable prizes are important components, users can also sell items at or above market price. This capability is ideal for individuals who might owe more than an item is worth. Buyers can also acquire items for a fraction of their cost when purchased new – even items like houses can be won here.

To learn more about It’s My Chance or to enter to win the new Kindle Fire HD, visit http://www.ItsMyChance.com.

About Its My Chance: It’s My Chance is a brand new concept. This platform combines games of skill (not luck) with the ability to buy and sell items in an open market. Sellers list their assets (including homes, vehicles and other “big ticket” items). Buyers purchase tickets to play and win those assets. It’s My Chance offers a helping hand to both buyers and sellers.

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