/EINPresswire.com/ Caribbean-based Secure Hosting meets stringent standards to offer PCI DSS compliant hosting to clients looking for offshore hosting on secure dedicated servers.

Secure Hosting, a leading offshore hosting provider and Participating Organization of the PCI Security Standards Council, now offers a suite of PCI DSS compliant hosting solutions. PCI Compliance or the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) is the highest international standard for data security.

The PCI Security Standards Council has established PCI DSS as a 12-step security standard, created to verify protection for online transactions. The PCI Security Standards Council is a self-governing board, which includes major banks, credit and debit cards and prominent retail organizations that respond to the rapidly changing e-commerce market and verify all service providers’ PCI compliance to the stringent requirements needed to receive the designation.

“With more commerce being done online it is important to my business that I provide an internationally recognized secure service. Being able to offer these services out of the Caribbean is great for our clients’ security because the Bahamas and Bermuda have the most favourable e-commerce laws on the books,” said Richard Douglas, founder and CTO of Secure Hosting (http://www.securehost.com/).

The PCI-DSS compliant designation is ideal for clients ranging from financial institutions to online merchants who need secure dedicated servers to handle sensitive information such as debit and credit card transactions.

With secure cloud hosting solutions, clients can operate complex digital applications using the company’s leading edge hardware and software solutions. Secure Hosting can confidently provide full virtualization for business-critical applications while offering a 100 percent uptime guarantee. The company has partnered with leading server virtualization provider VMWare as well as CISCO and Juniper to provide the strongest network and server security available.

For more information on Secure Hosting and their Cloud Hosting Solutions, visit the company’s website.

About Secure Hosting:
Since 2001, Secure Hosting has been providing premium hosting solutions to businesses who are concerned about data seizure, privacy loss or business interruption. The company’s three data centres in The Bahamas and Bermuda are monitored and protected 24/7 with the latest in network monitoring and security technologies including access cards, biometrics and 24/7 video recording.

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Richard Douglas
Secure Hosting

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