/EINPresswire.com/ Wedge Series makes it easy to embed durable, ISO/EPCglobal-standard RFID tags into assets and equipment in construction, oil and gas, manufacturing and other environments

Xerafy Ltd., a market leader in RFID metal tags, introduced the Pico Wedge and Nano Wedge today, two EPCglobal Gen 2, ISO 18000-6 standard UHF passive RFID on-metal tags that were specifically designed to be easily embedded for industrial applications. Because of their shape and design, the tags can be permanently embedded into metal objects without any adhesives or special tools.

Using RFID for asset identification in construction, oil and gas fields and other industrial operations can be extremely challenging because there is a risk the attached tags may be damaged or detached in the rugged environments they inhabit. The Wedge Series design not only protects the chip, but also enables RFID tags to be embedded in oil and gas valves, pipes, I-beams, construction equipment and other assets quickly and efficiently. Thanks to their innovative design, the Pico Wedge and Nano Wedge can be easily plugged into circular recesses on metallic assets to provide lifetime identification without the need to use epoxy. A common drill and mallet are all that is needed to permanently embed Wedge tags into most metal objects.

Pico Wedge and Nano Wedge differ by size and range. Pico Wedge measures approximately 0.95 by 0.24 inch (24.2 by 6.2 mm), weighs 0.13 ounce (3.7 g) and has read range of up to 8.2 feet (2.5 m) when attached to a metal object. Nano Wedge is slightly larger at 1.4 by 0.3 inches (35.5 by 7.5 mm) and 0.35 ounce (10 g), and has a read range of up to 13.1 feet (4 m). Both tags are IP68 rated, comply with GS1 EPCglobal Gen 2 and ISO 18000-6 RFID standards and are ATEX, RoHS and CE compliant. They offer 512 bits of user memory plus a 64-bit TID and a 96-bit EPC that is extendable up to 480 bits. The tags have an operating temperature range of -22°F to +185°F (-30°C to +85°C).

“Xerafy’s goal in bringing the easily embeddable, high-performance Wedge Series to the market is to increase RFID use in applications where time and ruggedness have been a hindrance to adoption,” said Dennis Khoo, CEO of Xerafy. “The Pico and Nano Wedge are expected to not only provide track-and-trace functionality, but also enable authentication across a diverse market and drive the growing Internet of Things.”

The Pico Wedge is currently available; the Nano Wedge will be available in May. Please contact a Xerafy sales representative at [email protected] to inquire about samples.


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Xerafy’s innovations have changed the price-performance ratio for RFID tags and made it possible for customers to track assets in a wide range of harsh environments. Xerafy provides read-on-metal tags that can be embedded directly into assets to meet a full range of needs for RFID asset tracking in the aerospace, industrial, data center, healthcare, energy and other industries. Xerafy is headquartered in Hong Kong and maintains U.S. sales and support offices in Dallas and Minneapolis, and additional offices in the U.K. and China.

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