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Instant and Long-Lasting Relief for Joint Pain Now Available

As you get older, past injuries you thought were healed completely come back as aches and pains.  It can be hard to make the most of each moment when you’re in pain and your activities are limited because of it.  Joint pain and muscle aches caused by arthritis, past injuries, or strain don’t have to curtail your activities or your life.  Thankfully, you can always find a solution for your muscle and joint pains naturally, topically, and without side effects.

Joint-Ritis is a natural roll-on topical ointment developed to treat joint, back, neck and muscle pain.  It’s active ingredient is maximum strength menthol combined with skin conditioners lanolin, glucosamine, and chondroitin to cool penetrate deep and sooth sore joints and muscles while toning the skin and preventing dryness and irritation.  Menthol is an organic compound synthesized from mint oils and is a proven fast-acting topical pain reliever.   

Joint-Ritis was developed by American neuromuscular therapists from an ancient ointment that has been used to treat soreness, aches and pains for hundreds of years.  The recipe includes other cooling essential oils like eucalyptus and lavender oil, which are physically cooling and also work aromatherapeutically to clear and focus the mind. 

Joint-Ritis comes in a 1.4 oz roll-on tube and can be applied as needed throughout the day with no mess.  Joint-Ritis works to relieve pains in joints, hands, neck and back, and pain caused from arthritis and osteoarthritis, bruises, sprains, and muscle aches and strains.  Pain relief is instant, penetrates deeply and lasts hours, and there are no side effects. 

You can get relief from your aches and pains naturally and instantly with no side effects.  Joint-Ritis roll on fits right in your bag, purse or pocket in case of emergency flare-ups and should be stored in a dry space.  It applies with no mess and works instantly and is based on natural tried-and-true ointment recipes people have been using to treat their aches and pains for hundreds of years.

To learn more about this natural and effective treatment, check out www.realjointritis.com or contact Joint-Ritis Roll-On manufacturers Lifeline Naturals of America directly by phone at 954-530-9935 or via email at [email protected]

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