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 The Christian songwriters from Concord, CA known as Tyde Moore have released their latest EP record, “Edifier.” The record contains five original tracks for an approximate total listening time of 18 minutes. It has been proudly published as an independent release without the support of the corporate music infrastructure, and has an official drop date of 28 October 2014. In addition to the considerable talents of core members David Andrew Moore and Krista Tyde Moore, “Edifier” also features the talents of popular musician and songwriter, Nathan Brumley. Touching, uplifting, and full of rhythm and groove, “Edifier” by Tyde Moore is a Christian pop album which does much more than merely ‘pop!’

Tyde Moore cite as main artistic influences Casting Crowns, Kutless, Matthew West, Keith Green, Rich Mullins, Chris Tomlin, and “countless others.” Their own sound is easy to get into and hard to pigeonhole, a tone that is rich and natural without seeming contrived in any way. Their personal characters are discernible in both their careful songwriting and matter-of-fact performances, the recordings of which on “Edifier” are earnest, evocative, and clearly played with Jesus Christ in mind.

 Speaking of the themes of their new EP, Tyde Moore write, “’Edifier’ has more than one message because the subject of edification is so broad. It’s about lifting other people up spiritually; it’s about sharing God’s love, and it’s about personal triumph and the need to change and be better. It’s about giving all of yourself to Jesus.”

Tyde Moore is the professional name of husband-and-wife duo, David Andrew Moore and Krista Tyde Moore.

“I started writing poetry,” writes David, “and found that I enjoyed it very much, but I wanted to take it to another level and learn lyric writing. With some help, I did that and now my wife Krista and I write songs together under the name Tyde Moore.”

Among the tracks on “Edifier,” one in particular stands out in terms of style and theme: the memorial anthem, “Irreplaceable.”

 Speaking specifically of the track, Tyde Moore write:

 “This song is about us (all children of God), each being irreplaceable in His eyes. Just as a parent may have several children, if they lose one child, that child can never be replaced by another no matter what similarities they may have. We consider ‘Irreplaceable’ to be the most suitable for radio from the new ‘Edifier’ EP, along with ‘Let Me Be Your Mouth,’ but all songs from the EP were made with radio airplay in mind. ‘Irreplaceable’ is dedicated to David Moore’s brother, Kenneth Howe, who is proof that each of us are irreplaceable.” 

“Kenny died in 1992 of Leukemia and if you ask any of his family, especially his mother and David’s mother, Betty, they will tell you that he can never be replaced in their hearts. If we can love someone so much, how much more can God love each of us?”

 A recent post to David’s Twitter account reads, “Kenny didn’t have last the name Moore, because he had a different dad, but he and my bro Vee, I will always consider to be my full (not half) brothers.”

 David Andrew Moore also has a sister, Tina Howe, who shares the same mother and father as David.

 “Edifier” by Tyde Moore is available online worldwide beginning 28 October 2014.

 -S. McCauley

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