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After spreading through word-of-mouth to 20,000 members in four months of open beta, RecruitersMap, Inc. is making their Personal Edition generally available — for free. RecruitersMap is a social recruiting platform that makes it easy for recruiters and HR managers to find top talent by posting jobs to 50+ Job Boards and search engines for free. is currently drawing more than 500,000 candidate job views each month.

“Identifying and connecting with interested and qualified job seekers through social channels has been like a wild goose chase. But it shouldn’t be that hard. Social networks are supposed to make it easy to connect, and now they will,” said Cedrick Dunn, founder and CEO of RecruitersMap.

RecruitersMap provides a single place to manage social recruiting. Finding and attracting qualified candidates across social networks can take an inordinate amount of time and effort. And the learning curve for each channel – Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter – is high. RecruitersMap eliminates it and nearly all of the effort so recruiters can focus on what they enjoy most – building relationships. Now recruiters and hiring managers can share open jobs, find qualified candidates, and build personal brands in one place.

“For candidates, putting a resume on a job board means risking their current position. Recruiters are on the other end trying to reach qualified people before they get scooped up. RecruitersMap solves that problem by hiding internal candidate profiles and allowing the candidates to contact recruiters directly through internal messaging,” said Cedrick.

“We have been very pleased with RecruitersMap and particularly impressed with the job posting tool,” said John Meehan, Talent Acquisition Specialist for Search Pro Group. “For our organization, RecruitersMap has bridged the gap between our needs and the possibilities that social media and cloud-based technology offer as well as gives us a broader reach through free job posting to 50+ job boards and social networks.”

“One of the worst assumptions you can make, even at an enterprise market leader like SAP, is thinking the people who you want to target know anything about your company,” said James McKinstry, senior technical recruiter, Americas Labs, SAP. “RecruitersMap lets us have a two-way conversation. I can reach out and let people in my networks know what is going on at SAP, keeping us top of mind in a positive way. And when opportunities arise, most of the groundwork has been laid to make that connection quickly and effectively.”

Why Now? RecruitersMap Personal Edition will be free for life for anyone who signs up now. But we can’t guarantee it will be free forever, so don’t miss out.  Sign up today!


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