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HOUSTON TX –Hundreds of Vascular Technologist attended the Society of Vascular Ultrasound Meeting in Las Vegas July 16 – 18.  Attending was Cardiovascular Evaluation Systems, Inc.. the industry leading Doppler Physiologic Testing System. 

For three days, CVE demonstrated its latest software upgrade to the poplar models VascuLab 4000, VascuLab Plus and VascuLab Portable.   Participating as a Gold Sponsor also cemented CVEs market gaining position.  President Norman Middleton said,” our commitment to SVU is unwavering, and our technology will produce the result our member expect in their labs.”

Gus Spooner  also said,”our commitment to patient safety and results permeates our design.”  Our latest software upgrade has been well received at the conference.”

CVE will be attending The Society of Diagnostic Sonographers meeting in Dallas October 1 – 4.

Cardio-Vascular Evaluation Systems, Inc. has been selling peripheral vascular testing systems since 1983.  Norm Middleton, President/Owner of the company, has trained many sonographers, and several community colleges ask him to visit their classes and share his “tips” for performing vascular studies.

Norm believes in listening to his customers in an attempt to help them solve their problems.  After working with numerous labs over the years, Norm became convinced that the vascular community needed MORE than what was currently available to them in vascular systems.  After collaborating with others, the innovative VASCULAB was born, designed around functionality and portability.

Advanced manufacturing practices have enabled us to streamline the manufacturing process allowing us to produce a top quality, state of the art product at a very competitive price.

Professionals with more than 30+ years each conceived, designed and manufactured this innovative, battery operated, rechargeable cordless system with the sonographer in mind. Visit http://www.cvesystems.com/index.html for more information.


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