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Let’s face it, people are desensitized to advertisements.  You scroll past them everyday while checking email and social media, you look past them on the pages of newspapers and magazines, and during commercial breaks you either flip the channel or go do something else.  You can run ads for your business but this will not distinguish you from the crowd.  Appearing in the news will.
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In an recent informal survey conducted by marketing consultant Sheila Danzig, every single respondent answered they would absolutely select restaurant, business, or professional featured in the news than one they saw on an advertisement.  A 100% response is a rare one.
And who could blame them?  It’s not surprising that people trust news sources more than they trust advertising.  Anyone can buy ad space and claim whatever they want.  Being featured in the news carries credibility and adds a deeper dimension to your persona and your cause.  
Since people trust news over advertising, the best way to promote your business is to become newsworthy and the truth is ANYONE can be newsworthy.  The best part is, it’s free!
Why don’t more businesses and professionals use this strategy to garner more business?  One reason is that they don’t know they can.  Being newsworthy often feel inaccessible when you don’t know the right avenues and strategies.  Another big reason is that being newsworthy requires accountability and it can blow up in your face in a big way if you approach it like traditional advertising. 
How do you make your business newsworthy? First, you need to know what’s already in the news.  Follow hot topics that relate to your business or profession, stay up-to-date about political issues that tie in with what you do, and think of ways you can weigh in on these topics and issues.  Write letters to local news source editors, take a stance of current laws, bills, and policies up for debate.  You can even conduct a survey, compile your data and share your findings with the press.  Another great way to become newsworthy and elevate yourself to expert status for free is to host a talk radio show that covers current events related to your area of professional expertise.  You can buy air time at a local radio station for a regular talk show and offset your costs by charging guests a small fee to be on the air.
Second, don’t be afraid to give things away for free.  A great way to make yourself newsworthy is to be charitable with both your products and services and your information.  You can arrange to teach free workshops and classes at community centers, churches, and other spaces or offer free information or complimentary consultations on your website.  If there is a crises, see 
what your business can do to help whether it’s offering a free meal, sponsoring a benefit or giving away free stuff that people need.  This is a great way to give people a taste—literally or figuratively—of what you do and give you a chance to establish rapport with your community and growing client base.  
To be newsworthy you have to be able to stand up to scrutiny and take the heat when it comes.  If you take a stance on a current issue or event, you’ve got to be sure to do your research and back up your case with proof.  If you get press coverage for a charitable event or donation you’ve got to be sure your business does this sort of thing on a regular basis so it doesn’t feel like a publicity stunt. 
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