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Cabezon Group and Gowdy Brothers Aerospace, both nationally recognized leaders in the unmanned systems industry, have recently combined their respective capabilities in a strategic alliance to become the premier provider of comprehensive UAS consulting services available in the nation.  These services are now available throughout the US and internationally to any type or size government or commercial industry organization, and cover a myriad of operational applications such as:  emergency management, homeland security, aerial mapping and surveying, commercial photography and videography, television and motion picture production, precision agriculture analysis, etc.  The Alliance’s specific UAS consulting services include the following:

• Certificate of Waiver or Authorization (COA) – 333 Exemption and Registry: The most expansive the FAA has ever approved, allowing the use of over (200) different types of equipment for more than (23) comprehensive purposes.

• Standard Operating Guidelines (SOG): Working directly with an organization our highly experienced subject matter experts can quickly develop a comprehensive SOG, which will be “customized” to the specific requirements of your jurisdiction, agency, department, or private organizational entity.

• Workshops:  Our workshops are open to all types of organizations, as well as their operators, flight support crew (observers, mechanics), mission planners, and other interested persons.  They will include (at a minimum) 333 exemption filing guidance; introduction to various UAS platforms and sensor packages; ground school pre-flight/flight operations, mission scenarios; ICS integration & relevant forms; introduction to data analysis and reporting and interoperable communications; and outdoor live demonstrations and “hands-on” activities with an actual UAS. 

• Training:  Our team of UAS flight instructors/pilots, aerospace engineers, and senior first responders, representing both the wildland fire and all-hazards responder community will lead our training sessions.  We can provide hands-on training in general UAS flight operations; as well as specific scenario-based training for a multitude of natural and man-made disaster incident types, special events, or commercial industry functions.  Our training sessions are engaging, enjoyable and effective because we are highly experienced in creating interactive learning environments that are relevant and meaningful, and focus on learning retention.      

“The goal of this alliance between our two organizations is to provide a “turnkey” UAS services solution for the many organizations who are seeking to successfully enter into the unmanned systems environment–at their own pace, and in accordance with their specific budgets and mission requirement objectives.  Our alliance can uniquely offer expert assistance in selecting the optimum UAS platform/sensor package(s) as well as developing “NIMS compliant” UAS programs that can better prepare any organization (public or private) for various Emergency (Disaster) Incident Response scenarios; to include guidance on FEMA reimbursement for federally declared incidents”, said Rob Carter, Cabezon Group’s Director of Emergency Management and Strategic Services.

About Cabezon Group

Cabezon Group (www.cabezon.com) is professional services firm based in the Washington, DC, metropolitan area, and has been solving complex and mission critical challenges for the U.S. government for the last 10 years, with a particular concentration in Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness and Response for federal departments and agencies such as the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), and Department of Health and Human Services (HHS).   

Cabezon Group is presently at the forefront of developing UAS technologies, processes, and training protocols for a wide diversity of client mission requirements.

About Gowdy Brothers Aerospace

Gowdy Brothers Aerospace (www.gowdybrothers.com) is the nation’s leader in providing consulting services and assistance to organizations, companies and individuals who are seeking to petition for an exemption to fly small Unmanned Aircraft Systems (sUAS) and drones commercially under Section 333 of the Modernization and Reform Act of 2012.  Gowdy Brothers Aerospace has the “most researched” FAA 333 Petition filings than any other organization!

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Contact Information

Rob Carter

Director of Emergency Management and Strategic Services

tel 240.786.9130 ext. 50


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