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Buy Box Experts, a marketing agency for Amazon sellers, provides full-service account management to help streamline their processes and increase marketplace revenue. Buy Box Experts recently confirmed that Amazon is selectively allowing A+ content features for Amazon sellers to improve their channel.

Amazon’s announcement means that A+ content will soon be available for merchants managing brand-registered accounts. Amazon’s algorithm is focused on consumer experience and the relevancy of each product to a customer’s search, and A+ content aims to deliver Amazon consumers a better shopping experience.

“At Buy Box Experts, we have the team, the resources, and the track record to provide double-digit improvement and competitor assessments. Our software for Amazon sellers helps with inventory forecasts and replenishments to streamline our clients’ operations,” says Joseph Hansen, Buy Box Experts Co-Founder. Hansen continues, “We have been merchants ourselves, and we know how important Amazon A+ content is.”

With strategic configuration, different options within Seller Central allows for rich content in Amazon A+ detail pages that can effectively engage a buying audience. Developing Amazon A+ content can focus on the highlights that separate a brand from the competition and finding a way to emotionally resonate with a target audience. The goal is to get customers to connect.

Another strategy is to focus on solving a problem for the consumer by presenting them a product that they need. This is a great opportunity to illustrate the versatility of a product or brand and how it stands above the competition.

A third strategy of developing A+ content combines the first two. This approach encourages customers to be loyal to a brand not only because of its superiority but because the brand stands for something greater than a value-buy.

For businesses dedicated to developing their success, Buy Box Experts can deliver double-digit improvement within the first 90-days of engagement.

  • increased total sales
  • increased sales from product ads
  • decreased counterfeit listings
  • decreased competing sellers

The Buy Box Experts team applies decades of e-commerce experience to successfully manage their clients’ marketplace accounts. Their account managers specialize in Amazon branding strategies, combining an understanding of their clients’ business fundamentals and in-depth expertise in the Amazon Marketplace. To learn more about Amazon A+ content or how Buy Box Experts could benefit a store on Amazon, visit

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