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Small businesses and individual entrepreneurs have it rough when it comes to garnering publicity…or so it may seem. It’s easy to give up quickly – or before you even start for that matter – because competing with PR firms and entire company PR departments is daunting and discouraging, to say the least. However, publicity is not as inaccessible as individuals and small businesses may believe. In fact, newspapers, magazines, and other news sources are looking for just what your business has to offer to fill space. These news sources are under immense pressure to fill space with quality content. 

If you can make their job easier, they are happy to do the same for you. The trick is to find your angle. The next step is to write a press release. Let’s start with the trick of the trade of publicity. What is your business’s angle?

This means what’s new, what’s unusual, what have you done lately, and what are you offering? This could be an employee accomplishment, a fundraiser or charity you participated in, a new product, or an unusual way of doing business. Every business has an angle – it’s just a matter of finding it. Once you have your angle, it’s time to write your press release.

Having a press release down on paper is a tangible tool for success. With a press release, you will have something to send to news sources anytime. Once you have a press release written, it’s yours forever and you can send it anywhere. Weekly newspapers and local newspapers love running articles about local businesses. You can even reach out to national newspapers and other news sources – both in print and online.

Just make sure when writing your press release to not make it sound like an advertisement. Offer your readers information, insight, or inspiration, cite yourself and your business as the hub of this and then let them know how they can access your products or services.

Once your press release is published, don’t stop there. We recommend utilizing your publicity for promoting your business even further. Have an “in the news” page on your website, or print out a flier with the news clipping on it. Some of the most successful clients we have seen here will even print their press releases on fliers to give as part of their information packets, or to give to customers and potential customers. One of our clients who did this saw a 42% sales increase in the first month of doing this and that is not at all uncommon.

Finding your angle, writing a press release, and taking the time to seek out and contact news sources can be challenging for small businesses and individual entrepreneurs. PR firms do have resources that small businesses do not, including access to national press release services. Publicity is exponential, and getting that first press release published is the hardest part. is now offering guaranteed publicity or double your money back to help promising small businesses and individuals get their foot in the door. Tell us your angle and we will write a press release and send it out via the national press release with the highest placement rate in your industry. You will also receive our book Power Publicity for free, which is filled with tricks of the trade on how to keep up the publicity momentum of your business. Media coverage also increases Search Engine Optimization and gets you found on GOOGLE much faster!

To learn more about our book, our offer, and for more helpful tips on how to make publicity work for your business, contact us at [email protected]

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