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With women taking on so many more roles in life as we get older, get jobs, married, kids, etc. life can seem a bit overwhelming. From juggling soccer practices, volunteering at school, work, and trying to save those precious date nights- there are so many pulls on our time. Well, you may have heard the saying “Time Without Attention Is Useless”?

It is very true. If you are “here, but not present” then your presence is not impacting your family nor your friends. So how in the world, does “wonder mom” pull it off? The key to creating more time and freeing yourself up from all these time demands, is actuall planning properly.

STARTplanner has quickly climbed the charts of the planner world, being recognized and featured by companies like Forbes, Entrepreneur, and while still under its 2-year birthday mark. STARTplanner has continually refined its design and expanded its daily and weekly options with three lines of planners: Hustle Planner, Fancy Pants Planner, and Legit Planner (student). Add in the Happily Hitched Wedding Planner and STARTplanner has a line up to help you plan, organize and achieve in every facet of life.

“We are constantly listening to our users, researching, testing and looking for ways to make the best product both in quality, content, and design,” said Kristy Dickerson, STARTplanner’s co-founder and CEO. “I think we have struck a cord having all the relevant information that individuals need to succeed and make things happen in their lives and I am really excited about our mid-year line.

STARTplanner is launching its mid-year line April 12 with some pretty big upgrades to the brand’s packaging and design along with its Bling (accessories). The mid-year line is perfect for parents with children, teachers, and other professionals whose careers follow an academic calendar schedule. Hustle and Fancy Pants Planner runs July 1, 2017 to June 30, 2018 while Legit Planner runs Aug. 1, 2017 to July 31, 2018. 

“Presentation, design, and motivating messages are the cornerstone to our brand,” said co-founder Jenny Grumbling. “We are parents and dreamers trying to make things happen in our own lives and we know and understand the importance of what it will take us to get from a dream to a reality.”

A motivating campaign, “What is Your Success,” shares the meaning of success through authentic stories. “We are on a mission to not sell products,” said Dickerson. “We are on a mission to motivate individuals to actively plan and work for things that they want in their lives. Our planners just happen to be a tool that helps get you there.”

With STARTplanner’s track record of selling out of products due to demand, it is suggested that customers preorder them early. See the 2017-2018 mid-year line here.

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