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KetosisNOW is a daily supplement that pushes along ketosis, helping to release ketones in the body that prevents the individual from becoming tired and overly hungry without carbohydrates. The formula can work for anyone who wants to lose weight on a keto diet, and it includes ingredients that have been checked by a third-party lab.

What is KetosisNOW?

Anyone who has tried to get involved in a ketogenic diet understands there’s quite a bit of restriction involved. Any true follower will abstain from any kind of carbohydrate in their diet, amplifying the amount of protein and fats that the body gets instead. Much of this program centers around establishing well power not to consume the foods that they may be wanting to have. No matter how hard someone tries, the transition from using carbohydrates as energy to using fat puts the body through a lot.

Most people begin to experience a problem called keto flu. A keto flu simply means that the user is feeling fatigued and tired without their normal source of energy. The body must adjust to this new source, which means that energy levels are at a low. Once ketosis is triggered, these other issues will no longer be a problem. However, the adjustment can take weeks, and some people do not have the willpower to continue with those changes. The use of supplements – like KetosisNOW – can be extremely helpful to anyone making a change.

What’s In KetosisNOW?

Though KetosisNOW has many different press releases and reviews online right now, it is surprisingly difficult to find out what is in it. Some reviews claim that it has 26 ingredients that have all been scientifically backed by evidence, but the only consistent statement is that it has BHB.

BHB is a chemical that the body naturally produces when it doesn’t have enough carbohydrates to be used as energy. However, researchers and scientists have found a way to create a synthetic version that is currently found in supplements like KetosisNOW. BHB, when it is naturally produced, soothes the nerves and improves brain function. Since it is released when the body isn’t getting its normal energy source, it also helps individuals that need more energy to exercise.

BHB itself does not cause weight loss but helps to make ketosis much easier to handle. However, it is not for everybody. Some of the common side effects of BHB supplementation include digestive upset, constipation, and diarrhea, though incredibly high doses need to be used for any of these side effects to occur. Since online advertisements do not state how much of the formula contains BHB, users will likely have to refer to the label to find out more.

Interestingly, BHB is not exclusively for weight loss. Some treatments involve using it as a hydration method for dry eyes, while others consuming in a supplement or medication for migraines, memory loss, and age-related cognitive diseases.

Buying KetosisNOW

One bottle of KetosisNOW is currently available for $49.00, plus the cost of shipping. However, anyone who wants to lower this price for themselves can choose one of the larger packages instead.

Those packages include:

  • 3 bottles for $177.00 ($39.00 each)
  • 6 bottles for $204.00 ($34.00 each)

Users will also be responsible for covering the shipping fees of these packages. However, in the event that this product doesn’t bring the support needed for the keto diet, users can contact customer service and get a refund within 60 days of the original purchase.

Buying KetosisNOW
Buying KetosisNOW

Frequently Asked Questions About KetosisNOW

Who will benefit the most from using KetosisNOW?

KetosisNOW is a helpful remedy for consumers that are stressing over their weight loss as they pursue a keto diet. While taking this formula, many users improve their immunity and reduce the amount of stress that their body is dealing with.

How is KetosisNOW more beneficial for consumers than the average keto supplement?

This formula includes many ingredients, helping to improve the body’s response to insulin while reducing inflammation and purging toxins that can build up in the body. These toxins can influence the digestive system, making it difficult for the body to absorb the nutrients of the healthy foods that users include in their diet. Plus, to improve the likelihood of success with this formula, the creators have tested the product with a third-party lab to show purity and effectiveness.

How long will users have to take KetosisNOW before they see a change in their body?

Even though each person starts at a different place in their weight loss journey, most people notice a change in the first couple of days. The creators encouraged users to continue with this regimen for as long as they see results.

How long will users still be able to purchase this supplement online?

KetosisNOW will be sold online for as long as supplies are available.

Where is KetosisNOW available to purchase?

Presently, the only place that offers the authentic KetosisNOW formula is the official website. Users can select from multiple packages to determine how many months they want to keep up with the formula. Once ordered, they should receive it within five business days.

For any other questions, consumers can send an email to [email protected].


KetosisNOW helps users to get through the low energy that they commonly experience when following a ketogenic diet. Though some claims online show that it helps with weight loss as well, the website does not include any ingredients that are found in this product to support that. The purpose of this formula is to promote lessened inflammation, improved insulin response, and the purging of toxins for a healthier body and weight.

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